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John Nagle, MPA

Sr. Instructor, Univ. of Colorado Family Medicine Residency and Associate Director for Education




AF Williams Family Medicine Center at Stapleton

3055 Roslyn St #100

Denver, CO 80238


720-848-9067 Residency

720-848-9002 Fax




I am a long time residency educator beginning this part of my career in 1983.  I had previously worked for both the Colorado Department of Health and Denver Public Health.  I was working on a health promotion program for Colorado State Employees and I made the jump to residency education when a position opened in a Denver residency for a health promotion faculty member.  I have worked in many residency roles over the years and now direct the educational efforts of the University of Colorado Denver Family Medicine Residency. My teaching interests include health promotion/disease prevention, patient education, risk communication and health behavior change.

I believe we are at a crucial point in the development of our nation’s health care system that will require our leaders to rethink what health care means and how it will be funded.  I am excited to be among the people who are shaping the future of family medicine in the United States as we meet these new challenges.