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Greg Gutierrez, MD

Associate Professor


301 West 6th Avenue

Denver, CO 80204








My clinical focus as a family medicine physician has been primary care musculoskeletal medicine.  I have been practicing with this focus since 1989.  I consider sports medicine to be my specialty within general family medicine. I have held a Certificate in Added Qualification in Sports Medicine since 1995.  I came to Denver Health after 5 years in a private practice associated with St. Joseph Hospital. During my 5 years of private practice, I specialized in Sports and Family Medicine and covered sport teams at The University of Denver, Metro State College and at community sporting events such as marathons, high school football games and high school state volleyball tournaments. 
I joined the Family Medicine Department at Denver Health in 1998 and have been practicing musculoskeletal medicine about 50% of my clinical time. I attend a minor fracture clinic and a non-surgical orthopedic clinic.  Both clinics have residents and medical students who attend on a regular basis for instruction in primary care musculoskeletal medicine.  I have also be a volunteer physician for U.S. Olympic Committee and have had the opportunity to participate in providing medical coverage for international competitions.


I have research interest in musculoskeletal injury prevention and obesity.


Denver Health Family Medicine Research Committee

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