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Welcome to the University of Colorado’s Department of Family Medicine.

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Corey Lyon, DO

Medical Director






AF Williams Family Medicine Center at Stapleton

3055 Roslyn St #100

Denver, CO 80238

720-848-9000 Clinic

720-848-9002 Fax 


I am from Colorado and completed my undergraduate education at Colorado State University.  I then attended medical school at Kansas City University of Medicine and Biosciences.  I then joined the Navy and completed my family medicine residency training at Naval Hospital Jacksonville, in Jacksonville Florida.  After completing my residency, I was stationed overseas at Naval Hospital Sigonella in southern Italy where my family and I lived for three years.  I practiced the full scope of family medicine to include outpatient clinic, inpatient, ER coverage, OB and newborn care.  After completing my tour in Italy, I separated from the Navy and joined the Research Family Medicine Residency Program in Kansas City, MO as faculty.  I completed a Faculty Development Fellowship through the University of North Carolina during this time as well.  After four years as faculty, I had the opportunity to move my family back to Colorado and join the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency Program as a faculty member during the summer of 2011.

I currently serve as the Medical Director for the AF Williams Family Medicine Center and also serve as the Associate Program Director for the Family Medicine Residency Program. I also practice the full scope of family medicine at AF Williams, taking care of patients of all ages, as well as inpatient and OB/newborn care.


I currently serve as the Deputy Editor in Chief for the Family Physician Inquiries Networ’s (FPIN) publications call “Help Desk Answers”.  With this role, I participate in onsite writing and scholarly program development for family medicine residencies around the country. I am the Vice President of Membership and Education for the FPIN Board of Directors.

Within the University of Colorado Family Medicine Residency, I coordinate the scholarly activity for the residents and sit on the Education Planning Committee. 


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