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Calvin Wilson, MD

Associate Professor and Global Health Center Director




Mail Stop F496, Academic Office 1

12631 East 17th Avenue

Aurora, CO 80045


303-724-0885 Office


Dr. Wilson has been involved in medical development and education in a variety of settings for over 25 years, and in international community, clinical, and training projects for over 20 years.  He is nationally known as an educator in the field of international health, and internationally recognized for his expertise in the development of family medicine and primary health care training programs.  He is currently the Director of the University of Colorado Center for Global Health, where he collaborates with a wide variety of specialists in international primary health care and health systems development.  He has been awarded the Smilkstein Award in International Family Medicine of the Society of Teachers of Family Medicine (Oct. 2003), and the Humanitarian of the Year Award of the American Academy of Family Practice (Oct. 2005).


Dr. Wilson has participated in field research in the management of venomous snake bites, control of onchocerchosis, and in the use of natural folk remedies in the control of intestinal parasites.  He has a range of interests in the control of tropical illnesses such as malaria, the effectiveness of community health programs and medical training methodologies across cultures, and in the sustainability of health development interventions in the developing world.


Dr. Wilson is the Director of the Center for Global Health of UC Denver, which is dedicated to promoting and coordinating a variety of global health-related activities.   He has participated as director of a community health assessment project in collaboration with Newmont Mining Corporation, which advised Newmont on activities and projects that would improve the health status of the communities in the areas in which they are planning mining activities, in the countries of Ghana, Peru, and Indonesia.  He is the director of a US Government-funded (USAID and CDC) collaborative project between the University of Colorado Denver and the National University of Rwanda, providing specialty training to their newly-formed post-graduate medical programs, and technical assistance in the development of a new Family Medicine post-graduate program.  In addition, he serves as a consultant in family medicine development for the American Academy of Family Practice (Center for International Health Initiatives), and is currently helping to train generalists and strengthen the development of the first family medicine program in Albania.  He continues consulting in Jordan  with the Jordan Medical Council to help them develop a national CME program for all physicians.   


  • American Academy of Family Physicians -  Colorado Chapter
  • American Academy of Family Physicians - Center for International Health Initiatives
  • Society of Teachers of Family Medicine
  • Ecuadorian Society of Family Medicine
  • Global Health Medical Education Consortium
  • Family Practice Education International


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