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Luther Alexander Liggett

Ph.D. candidate, Cell Biology, Stem Cells and Development Program

​​​​ ​​LiggettAlex.jpg


Dublin, Ohio



Case Western University
B.S.E. Biomedical Engineering

Case Western University
M.S. Biology​


I have two areas of focus; the first is on better understanding the process of mutation accumulation during early oncogenesis. This is important because typical driver mutations carry with them detrimental consequences, making it challenging to rationalize how cells can accumulate mutations that should negatively impact the likelihood of their survival. A better understanding of how properly functioning cells turn cancerous will significantly contribute to our overall understanding of cancer biology. My second area of focus is understanding why individuals with Down Syndrome more readily develop certain leukemias. Three copies of chromosome 21 has detrimental functional consequences on the function of stem cells found within the hematopoietic system of these individuals. This altered functionality may allow certain oncogenic mutations to become beneficial to a cell's survival whereas in a non-Downs environment it would otherwise not be.​



Link to Luther's Publications​