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Cover: Adaptive Oncogenesis in HARDCOVER

Now Available!​ All proceeds go to the Leukemia and Lymphoma Society and to the V Foundation.

James DeGregori, PhD,  CU Cancer Center's deputy director

​The University of Colorado Cancer Center has announced James DeGregori as deputy director.

​Hannah Scarborough was awarded her PhD in Molecular Biology.

​Cathy Pham-Danis and family welcome:

Ethan Quan Gabriel Danis

Born on February 20th​​

Nate Little and family welcome:​
Micah Reid Little
Born on July 13th
​Kelly Higa was awarded a pre-doctoral NRSA fellowship (F30) from the NCI.
​Hannah Scarborough was a warded the Cancer League of Colorado Grant and a fellowship on the NIH Integrative Physiology of Aging Training Grant, T32.

​Alex Liggett was awarded a predoctoral NRSA fellowship (F31) from the NCI.

​Hannah Scarborough received the Molecular Biology Program Bolie Award.
Cathy Pham-Danis ​was awarded a fellowship on the ​NIH Training in Translational Research of Lung, Head and Neck Cancer Training Grant, T32.
​Kelly Higa was awarded a fellowship on the NIH Integrative Physiology of Aging Training Grant, T32.

​Hannah Scarborough and family welcome:

Maxwell Eason Jones

Born on April 29th

Jen Salstrom and family welcome:

Fisher Salstrom

Adopted on May 29th

​Nate Little and family welcome:
Grace Eliana Little
Born on October 24th