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Phantom Development

The Radiology Research Labs support the mission statement of the Department of Radiology and the University of Colorado Denver School of Medicine to provide Colorado, the nation, and the world with programs in excellence in research through the development of new knowledge in the basic and clinical sciences, as well as in health policy and health care education. 

The core lab personnel are available to assist the clinical and research faculty involved in translational imaging research to facilitate integration of basic biophysicial methods such as spectrophotometry, ion exclusion, biophotonics and calorimetry into clinical imaging research studies. In particular, the labs support tissue composition and imaging research projects and provide administrative support to the translational research imaging center as necessary.

The labs can assist as the researchers perform routine lab duties including academic journal searches, protocol development, the safe handling of chemical reagents, tissue preparation, compilation and recording of biophysical data on tissue samples, performing gravimetric and spectrophotometric assays, fabrication of imaging phantoms and ensuring compliance of all health and safety requirements.

Research lab space in both the wet labs (Research Complex II: Main Wet Lab-#6400ABC & Radio-Frequency Ablation liver lab/tissue preparation lab #6255) and dry electronics lab located on the first floor of RCII in the Radiological Sciences area are dedicated for developmental and collaborative projects and can be reserved ahead of time by all approved researchers (graduate students, interns, post-docs, residents, PIs, etc.). Once the appropriate lab safety, chemical handling, or bloodborne pathogen training courses are completed as directed by the protocols and depending on the level of proficiency, researchers may continue to work with core lab personnel or choose to conduct individual research.  With advance notice and coordination, it might also be possible for investigators to conduct research outside of the normal business hours due to many researchers’ busy schedules.

Contact information:
Anthony C. Lanctot, M.S.
Radiology Research Lab Manager
P15-4490 A/B/C (Main lab)
P15-6255 (RFA/Procedure Lab)
P15-1203 (Dry Electronics Workshop)

University of Colorado Denver Anschutz
Department of Radiology, Mail Stop C278
12700 East 19th Ave.
Aurora, Co 80045-2507

Main Lab Phone: 303-724-4706
RF Ablation Lab 303-724-4624
Fax: 303-724-3795