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Biophotonics Research

Biophotonics research and development is fostered by collaborations between Anschutz Medical Campus researchers and faculty in the Bioengineering department.   Projects include the development of advanced optical imaging techniques for molecular, cellular, and live tissue level functional and structural imaging, optogenetics for neuroscience research, and development of optical endoscopy tools for clinical applications.

Faculty performing research in biophotonics include:

David Ammar
Richard Benninger
Gidon Felsen
Emily Gibson
Malik Kahook
Achim Klug
Tim Lei
Moshe Levi
Diego Restrepo
Priya Werahera

The Colorado Advanced Photonics Technology (CAPT) laboratory operated under the department of Bioengineering is a state of the art research facility for optics and photonics. 

Please visit this site for more information on the resources available through CAPT.