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Past CTRIC Lectures



Lecture Topic



Date of Lecture



Guest Speaker 
The Visible Human Project: A 20-year Review of its Impact​ ​November 16, 2011 ​Victor M Spitzer, PhD
The Evolution of PET: A Journey in Images​ ​November 2, 2011 ​Carolyn Cidis Meltzer, MD
Image Analysis at C-TRIC: A 101 on Technologies, Strategies, and Investigator​ ​October 19, 2011 ​David E. Miller, PhD
New Horizons in Research Imaging: In vivo Biomaterials​ ​October 5, 2011 ​Gary Fullerton, PhD
Placebo Analgesia and Neuroimaging-based Biomarkers for Pain​ ​September 21, 2011 ​Tor D Wager
Presonalizing Cancer Therapies using Quantitative Imaging including PERCIST​ September 7, 2011​ Richard Leo Wahl, MD​
Imaging Brain Amyloid with PET: Progress and Promise​ August 17, 2011​ ​Chester A Mathis, PhD
VisualSonics Symposium: Identification of a Hedgehog Pathway-Dependent Barrier to Drug Delivery in Pancreatic Ductal Adenocarcinoma August 12, 2011​ ​Ken Olive
Illuminating Sound: Imaging Tissue Optical Properties with Ultrasound August 3, 2011​ Todd Murray, PhD​
Imaging Brain Chemistry in Diseases of Addiction​ July 20, 2011
Joanne Fowler, PhD
Brain serotonin 1A receptors in major depressive disorder: Pathophysiology and prediction​ July 6, 2011
​Ramin Parsey, MD, PhD
Production of electrophilic PET synthons: [F-18]F2 and [Cl-34m]CIF from a high voltage discharge​ ​July 6, 2011
​Jonathan Engle, PhD


Research Imaging Informatics – Current Trends 



May 18, 2011 
Ann Scherzinger, PhD  




March 16, 2011



Mark Borden





February 2, 2011



Gary Fullerton, PhD





January 19, 2011



Thomas G. Perkins, PhD





December 15, 2010



Stuart Schmeets





November 17, 2010



Susan Kraft, DVM, PhD





November 3, 2010



Emily A Gibson, PhD





July 28, 2010



Ande Bao, PhD, MS, DABR



July 14, 2010


Beth A Goin, PhD




June 16, 2010



Zheng Jim Wang, PhD




May 24, 2010


Peter M. Smith-Jones, PhD



May 5, 2010



S. James Chen, PhD



Functional Imaging in Animal Cancer Models 


April 21, 2010


Natalie J. Serkova, PhD




April 7, 2010 


Robin Shandas, PhD