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Resident Life

Tanya Tivorsak (Class of 2011), Chuck Ray (UCD IR attending) and Blaze Cook (DH IR Attending) at Alan Best (Class of 2010) traversing the Sawtooth Ridge with a friend (elev 14,000 ft, approx 1.5 hours from Denver) A lonely old miner's cabin on a lake near Mt Eva, Indian Peaks wilderness, 2 hours from Denver. Taken by Alan Best (Fall 2008) Colin Strickland and Brant Wommack (2009 graduates) on a mountain bike trip in Moab, UT 2008 1st year residents on a Whitewater Rafting trip, Arkansas River, 2008. Angela Otero (Current PGY-3) Whitewater rafting trip in August 2008. Jayme David Wang, Russ Chapin, Brant Wommack and Colin Strickland (2009 Graduates). Brant Wommack, Colin Strickland (2009 Graduates) and Jess Campagna (Chief resident, PGY-5). Brant Wommack, Kim Wright and Jess Campagna enjoying a sunny ski day. Frank and Suzanne Mihlon and Michael Lubarsky trying out ski gear in Vail (2008). Frank and Suzanne Mihlon climbing the Quandary 14er Peak (October 2008). Hill, Lubarsky and friends at Grays Peak 14er (October 2008). Class of 2009 (Colin Strickland, Russ and Erika Chapin, Chris Stanley, Misty Norman, Brad Ferguson and Brant Wommack) Jay Morrow (Chief resident, Class of 09 Ben and Karen English at the 2006 Radiology Holiday Party. Russ and Erica Chapin at the 2005 Radiology Holiday party. Brad Ferguson and Russ Chapin (Class of 09) at the 2006 Holiday Party. David Rubinstein and Chuck Ray (Program Directors) and their better halves at the 2008 Radiology Holiday Party. 2008 Radiology Holiday Party at the Castlerock Pines Country club. Tina Kutsuma, Program Coordinator, at the 2008 Radiology Holiday Party. Halloween 2008 at work - Dress up as Frank day (Vest, Tie, pleated pants and loud giggle).

"Since spare time is so valuable in residency, you really ought to make the most of it. We in Colorado have world-class skiing, climbing, hiking, mountain biking, and kayaking, all just outside our door.

Every season of the year is optimal for some mountain sport. In the summer you can hike, camp, or fish in the nearby Indian Peaks range, or raft down the Arkansas River. Fall is great for driving through the aspen groves of the Front Range while the leaves are turning color. Fall is also the ideal time for glacier ice climbs in the high mountains, as well as for mountain biking near Denver, or maybe a road trip to nearby Moab, UT.

Winter is unarguably the time for snowshoeing, skiing, snowboarding, ice skating or ice climbing. And the spring is optimal for running around Denver's Washington park, for climbing alpine spring snow routes in nearby Rocky Mountain National Park, or for mountain biking in high desert around the town of Fruita, CO. 

If these are activities which significantly add to YOUR quality of life, you should be here."

-Alan Best, Class of 2010