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Internship Info

No preference is given to applicants who have had or plan specific clinical internships. Everything else being equal, a transitional type internship may prepare you best for the diverse clinical interactions you will experience in radiology. However, depending on your individual experience and interests, Transitional, Internal Medicine, Surgery, Pediatrics or Family Medicine may be most appropriate. Applicants are advised to bear in mind the requirements of the American Board of Radiology in terms of internship selection and scheduling of rotations. Currently, the requirements include that at least nine months of the internship involves direct patient care (i.e., not more than three months total of pathology, radiology, and radiation oncology).

For those considering internship training in Denver, information may be obtained from:


Internal Medicine:
Deb Foust

Hospital Surgery:
Dr. Jeffrey Clark




April Wingeleth
303-839-6741 or at


Internal Medicine:
Jennifer Weber
General Surgery:
Michael Benge