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Department of Radiology

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Thoracic Imaging




The mission of the Thoracic Radiology Division is to provide the highest quality thoracic and cardiac imaging services including plain film, CT and MRI.  The division focuses on oncologic, transplant, interstitial lung disease and trauma imaging, reflecting the focus of the University of Colorado Hospital. A full range of cardiovascular imaging is also available in cooperation with the Cardiac Imaging division.


Patient Care

The section consists of 3 fellowship trained radiologists (Dr. Nicole Restauri {Body Imaging}, Dr. Thomas Suby-Long {Body Imaging} and Dr. Peter Sachs {Vascular and Interventional Radiology and 10 years experience working exclusively in Thoracic and Cardiac Imaging}.  The full range of thoracic and cardiovascular imaging is available, including all forms of chest CT, CT angiography utilizing the latest acquisition and post-processing techniques, and MRI/MRA. Consultative services are provided, along with active participation in multidisciplinary conferences (e.g. Thoracic Tumor Board and Lung Transplant Clinic)



The section participates actively in the Thoracic Core lecture series for all radiology residents. In addition, the section now provides frequent case conferences (1-2/month) for all residents as well as daily focused case and topical conferences tailored to the needs/interests of the resident(s) rotating on service each month. There is an intensive rotation for 3rd and 4th year medical students under the direction of Dr. James Davidson. In addition, Dr. Peter Sachs has assumed a role lecturing in the 2nd year CVPR block. All members participate in additional 3rd and 4th year offerings focused on providing medical students with basic radiologic skills necessary to function as clinical trainees.  A joint fellowship in Cardiothoracic Imaging with National Jewish Health is also available to 2 individuals per year to provide advanced training in thoracic and cardiac imaging as well as opportunities to participate in ongoing research projects.



Dr. Peter Sachs is a co-investigator with members of the Cardiac Imaging group in the national PROMISE trial studying the utility of Cardiac CTA in patients with symptomatic coronary artery disease. He is also participating in a collaborative project with other members of the Radiology Department and Dr. Nordenholz of the Emergency Medicine Department on clinical strategies for proper use of PE CT scanning in the ED. He is currently collaborating with Drs. Kevin Deane (Rheumatology) and David Lynch (radiology NJH) in a study investigating the early pulmonary manifestations of Rheumatoid Arthritis. Projects in the planning stage include a study headed up by Dr. Ellen Burnham (Pulmonary and Critical Care Medicine) on the utility of HRCT in patients with acute ling injury and the development of a lung nodule database (under the direction of Dr. Betsy Kern at NJH).

Dr. Thomas Suby-Long is the physician lead on the aforementioned PE CT study with the ED. He is also the principal investigator in an ACRIN trial studying the role of MR vs. CT in patients with hepatocelluar carcinoma.

Dr. Nicole Restauri has recently joined the section and has taken the position of Associate Director or the Radiology Residency Program. She plans to focus her investigations in the Education and Quality arenas.




For a complete list of faculty, please click here.