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Glomerular filtration rate calculation

Glomerular Filtration Rate calculation spreadsheet (including biexponential curve fitting in Excel)

The DenverGFR V1.01e spreadsheet can be downloaded here: link
Worksheet instructions and an example can be downloaded here: link

This program is designed to calculate GFR measurements from blood samples taken from patient after administration of a low dose (~20 uCi) of I-125.
In this sheet, full curve characterization of plasma activity curves is calculated using biexponential modelling. In addition, GFR calculations are derived using single compartment methods and single time point methods, for comparison.
Our GFR worksheet is modelled after the protocols and calculations described in:
Assessment of glomerular filtration rate measurement with plasma sampling: a technical review, Murray AW, Barnfield MC, Waller ML, Telford T, Peters AM, JNMT, 2013 (link)
Please address any questions, or requests for an editable worksheet, to Adam Kesner: