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Leave Policy

Faculty and Research Associate Series

Sick Leave for Academic Personnel on Twelve-month Appointments:
Academic personnel on regular twelve-month appointments accrue 1 1/4 days of sick leave per month, or 15 days per year. There is no limit on how much sick leave an employee can accrue. Employees working part-time earn sick leave on a prorated basis.
Vacation for Academic Personnel with Twelve-Month Appointments:
Academic personnel with twelve-month appointments accrue 14.67 hours of vacation leave per month, or 22 days per year.  Please keep in mind, vacation may be taken as earned, and under no circumstances may vacation accrual exceed 44 days, except under extraordinary circumstances defined in the Regents Policy 11-H.

Postdoctoral Fellows: 

  • Vacation and sick leave policy for all postdoctoral fellows, regardless of the source of funds used to support them, shall be 12 days of vacation and 12 days of sick leave per fiscal year for a total of 24 days (or 192 hours) for full-time positions per fiscal year.
  • Accrued (unused) leave shall be carried forward year to year during the term of employment/training, but with no pay-out upon termination.
  • Maximum accrual is capped at 44 working days (or 352 hours) of combined sick and vacation leave.
  • Accrual and usage shall follow the prevailing University practices for other employee classifications. Hours shall be accrued each month at the rate of one day (or 8 hours) each for sick leave and vacation leave. Hours are available for use at the beginning of the next month following accrual. Prorated leave shall be accrued for partial-month salary periods and for less than 100% appointments.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows are eligible for Family Medical Leave per the standard criteria used for other campus faculty positions.
  • Postdoctoral Fellows are afforded leave in accord with University policy for all employees for given holidays, military duty, bereavement, and jury duty.