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Department of Pharmacology

Department of Pharmacology

Graduate Training Curriculum

Second Year Schedule


Statistical Methods in Pharmacology, PHCL 7609, 2.0 cr
Dr. D. Everett,
An introduction to basic statistical methods utilized to analyze scientific data. The goal of this course is to provide students in the biological and health sciences with the knowledge and skills necessary to analyze and interpret data, which is essential for communicating scientific results. Students will gain experience in analyzing datasets with and without a statistical software package, interpreting results, and critically reviewing statistical methods presented in publications.


Doctoral Thesis Hours, PHCL 8990, 5.0 cr
Research Hours1 (for incoming BSP students only, register for 3.0 hours, may vary)


Doctoral Thesis Hours, PHCL 8990, 5.0 cr



Doctoral Thesis Hours, PHCL 8990, 1.0 cr
University Comprehensive Examination

Minimum Total hours required:1
It is the primary responsibility of the student to keep track of course hours.

  • 30 hours of course work for the University Comprehensive Examination
  • 30 thesis hours to defend a Thesis
  • Pharmacology students accumulate 27 total hours2 including Research Rotations during the first year1, and 2 hours in their second year from the required didactic curriculum. Your elective course(s) completes the 30 didactic course hour requirement for the Comprehensive Exam.
  • Register for Fall and Spring
  • All students beyond their first year must register for one Doctoral Thesis hour each summer (PHCL 8990), unless your position is classified among the 3000 series of job codes. Please see the Graduate Training Coordinator for guidance on this issue.

Students making their final thesis defense must register for 5 hours in summer, regardless of job code

1 Students entering the Department of Pharmacology from the BSP Program need to register for a sufficient number of “Research Hours” to bring their total number of course work hours to a number equal to Pharmacology students. For the second year, the difference may require registration for up to 5 credit hours (may vary, check with the Graduate Training Coordinator).

2 subject to modification, based upon changes in credit hour equivalents of available courses.