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Pathology Research

Since its inception, in 1916, the Department of Pathology has built a strong program in basic, clinical, and translational research.  We currently hold over 50 active research grants.  Please explore the links to our Principal Investigators pages (below) for more information on the research currently underway.

Click To Explore Anderson Research 

Steve Anderson, PhD


Click To Explore Cool Research 

Diana M. Cittelly, PhD


Click To Explore Cool Research 

Carlyne Cool, MD


Click To Explore Franklin Research​​

Wilbur Frankli​n, MD
(Lung / Kidney)​

Click To Explore Jedlicka Research​​

Paul Jedlicka, MD, PhD  (Pediatric \ Sarcoma)

Click To Explore Lambert Research 

Jim Lambert, PhD


Click To Explore Liu Research 

Bolin Liu, MD


Click To Explore Lucia Research 

M. Scott Lucia, MD



 Jennifer Richer, PhD

(Breast / Gynecological)


 Carol A. Sartorius, PhD (Breast)

Matthew Sikora, PhD


Click To Explore Thor Research 

Ann D. Thor, MD


Click To Explore Torkko Research 

Kathleen Torkko, PhD

(Breast / Prostate)

Click To Explore Van Bokhoven Research 

Adrie Van Bokhoven, PhD (Prostate)

Click To Explore Wang Research 

Xiao-Jing Wang, MD, PhD (Head and Neck, Skin)

Click To Explore Werahera Research 

Priya Werahera, PhD