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Colorado Genetics Laboratory

FISH for Chromosome Abnormalities Common in Pregnancy Loss


FISH for chromosome abnormalities common in pregnancy loss may be indicated when a tissue fails to grow in culture for standard cytogenetic studies or on archived tissue where standard cytogenetics cannot be performed.


FISH studies involve scoring of hybridization signals using chromosome-specific DNA probes on interphase nuclei.

Specimen Requirements
    • When FISH for chromosome abnormalities common in pregnancy loss is performed subsequent to culture failure for standard chromosome analysis, no additional specimen would be required.
    • See specimen requirements for appropriate chromosome analysis.
    • These studies can also be performed on formalin fixed, paraffin embedded tissue. Provide 4-5 micron thick paraffin sections on 8-10 Plus slides.

Sample must be accompanied by a completed Test Request Form​​, including pertinent clinical and family history.​​