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Solid Tumor or Lymph Node Chromosome Analysis



Chromosome analysis of solid tumor or lymph node biopsies are performed to detect acquired chromosome abnormalities associated with specific tumors or lymphoma.



15-20 metaphases are examined and a minimum of 3 karyotypes are prepared. Molecular cytogenetic studies using fluorescence in situ hybridization (FISH) are often performed in addition to solid tumor or lymph node chromosome analysis. See FISH for Chromosome Abnormalities in Cancer 

Specimen Requirements
    • Submit 0.2-1.0 cm3 or as large a sample as possible
    • Collect aseptically, avoiding areas of necrosis
    • Place in sterile, plastic screw top tube filled with sterile transport media
    • Label specimen tube with patient’s name and a second identifer (ex: DOB or hospital ID number)
    • Maintain specimen at room temperature and transport to the Colorado Genetics Laboratory immediately

Samples must be accompanied by a completed Test Request Form.  Indicate test request in the “Cancer Specimens” section of the form, and include clinical data and diagnostic issues, which help focus culture set up and analysis.