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Cancer Biology Program Students

Year you started the UC Denver Cancer Biology Program:

Fall 2009

Why you chose the UC Denver Cancer Biology Program:

The faculty, facilities and it's location in Colorado.

What labs you rotated in: 

Jennifer Richer, PhD

Steve Anderson, PhD

What lab you joined and why:


Short description of your project:


Where you attended undergraduate and what your major / minor(s) were:

George Washington University, Washington D.C.

Major, Biological Sciences

Minor, French

What you did (if anything) between undergraduate and graduate

I worked as a Research Assistant at the East Coast Aids and Cancer Specimen Resource, George Washington University.

Other school affiliated activities / clubs you are involved in:


What you like to do outside of school:

Reading, jogging, exploring Denver / Colorado

What is your favorite thing about Colorado?

The mountains, and all the outdoor activities.