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Cancer Biology Program

Graduate Training in Biomedical Research Leading to a Ph.D.


The Cancer Biology Graduate Program wants to invite talented students to explore! Despite major breakthroughs made in the past three decades regarding cellular and molecular pathways of carcinogenesis, there is still significant clinical need to identify novel ways to reduce mortality and morbidity of cancer. The CANB program offers a vast faculty network drawn from various fields of biomedical and clinical sciences. The program provides a diverse body of students with rigorous training in a collaborative environment to cultivate the training program’s tenants of advancing translational research and discovering new venues for cancer treatment and prevention.    

Jim Lambert PhD - Student Advisor

Student Handbook



​Valerie Barton
​Thomas Beadnell
​Xi Chen
​Christopher Cummings
​Hamid Gari
​Erica Goddard
Lisa Greene
Qiuchen Guo
Rick Heinz
Erin Howe
Kristin Jahr
Adwitiya Kar
Emily Kleczko
Jeff Kwak
Holly Martinson
Deryck Middleton
Katie Mishall
Nuria Padilla
​Purvi Patel
​Catherine Pham
Thomas Rogers
Divya Ganapathi Sankaran
Marybeth Sechler
Katherine Singleton
Alex Sufit
Jenn Symonds
​Aria Vaishnavi