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You have reached the Web site for the Department of Pathology at the University of Colorado Denver.

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Cancer Biology Program Students

Christopher Cummings

Why did you choose the UC Denver Cancer Biology Program? 
I wanted a cancer-specific program, as that is my research interest.  Our journal clubs and weekly seminars are always related to cancer biology, and it is great being surrounded by students who share the same research focus to collaborate with and to talk to about our projects.
What labs are you rotating in?
Doug Graham, MD PhD, and Andrew Thorburn, PhD

Please describe you project? 
I work with Mer, a receptor tyrosine kinase, and its role in non-small cell lung cancer.  Our laboratory is developing novel therapeutic strategies against Mer for clinical translation, and we are also investigating resistance mechanisms to these therapies as well as biomarkers that may indicate susceptibility to these therapeutics.
Where did you attend undergraduate school and what was your major/minor?
University of Nebraska at Lincoln.  Major: Biological Sciences
What you did (if anything) between undergraduate and graduate school? 
Directly entered graduate school from undergrad.
Other school affiliated activities/clubs you are involved in? 
Medical Scientist Training Program
What do you like to do outside of school? 
Hiking, biking, and skiing in the mountains; attending professional sporting events.
What is your favorite thing about Colorado? 
The weather and the mountains.
Your contact information-
office number P18-4401