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Cancer Biology Program Students

Cathy Pham

Why did you choose the UC Denver Cancer Biology Program?
While working in a cancer lab as an undergrad, I knew I wanted to do cancer research. The UC Denver Cancer biology program offered several interesting labs devoted to cancer research. Furthermore, the focus on translational and clinical research also contributed to my decision to join the program.
What labs are you rotating in?
Raphael Nemenoff, PhD
Please describe you project?
My project focuses on understanding the molecular crosstalk between cancer cells and macrophages in the tumor microenvironment.
Where did you attend undergraduate school and what was your major/minor?
University of California, San Diego BS, Biochemistry
What you did (if anything) between undergraduate and graduate school?
I continued working in the lab that I worked in as an undergrad.
Other school affiliated activities/clubs you are involved in?
What do you like to do outside of school?
I enjoy hiking and painting in my free time.
What is your favorite thing about Colorado?
I love the mountains and the trees.
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