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You have reached the Web site for the Department of Pathology at the University of Colorado Denver.

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Cancer Biology Program Students

Aria Vaishnavi

Why did you choose the UC Denver Cancer Biology Program?
I came here, because it seemed like a very safe and outdoorsy city with very friendly, welcoming people working on really strong, but collaborative science. 
What labs are you rotating in?
I joined Bob Doebele’s lab.  Our lab focuses on understanding the biology of fusion oncogenes and the mechanisms of resistance to targeted therapies of those oncogenes in lung cancer.
Where did you attend undergraduate school and what was your major/minor?
I went to Washington State University, where I studied biochemistry and molecular biology.
What you did (if anything) between undergraduate and graduate school?
I did research and was in a master’s program at Johns Hopkins University.
What do you like to do outside of school?
Bikram yoga, running, hiking, snowboarding.
What is your favorite thing about Colorado?
I love having easy access to such a large variety of fun outdoor activities.
Your contact information-
office number: 303-724-0033