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Cancer Biology Program Students

Alex Sufit

Why did you choose the UC Denver Cancer Biology Program?
I choose cancer biology because it is clinically translatable and my goals are to pursue bench work that
can be transferred to the clinic
What labs are you rotating in?
I am in Dr. Amy Keating’s Lab (I rotated through Amy brooks-kayal, Doug Graham, and Ken Tyler’s labs as well)
Please describe you project?
I am researching the up-regulation of MerTK in glioblastoma. Particularly the effects of MerTK knockdown in glioma cell lines, focusing on apoptosis and autophagy.
Where did you attend undergraduate school and what was your major/minor?
I went to University of Colorado at Boulder and majored in Economics.
What you did (if anything) between undergraduate and graduate school?
I worked in a series of laboratories on campus: First, Dr. Richard Spritz working on a genome wide
association study for vitiligo. Secondly, Dr. Paul E. Wischmeyer researching the protective effects of glutamine supplementation in patients undergoing cardiac bypass surgery. Lastly, in Dr. Nick Foreman’s lab researching potential of Diffuse intrinsic pontine primitive neuroectodermal tumors being misdiagnosed as diffuse intrinsic pontine gliomas by gene expression microarray.
Other school affiliated activities/clubs you are involved in?
I am secretary of the graduate student council, I am a student senator for AMC, I started a book club
 for the graduate school, I am part of AAAS, and CCTSI
What do you like to do outside of school?
Run, ski, read, hike, bike, experience new restaurants, travel.
What is your favorite thing about Colorado?
The people
Your contact information-
Email: Alexandra Sufit
office number: 303-724-7316 (work)