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Pathology Fellowship Programs

​Current Positions and Openings



​Program Program Director​ Open Positions 2020-2021 Open Postitions 2021-2022 Application Due Date (next open position)
Blood Banking & Transfusion Medicine Mary P. Berg, MD ​0 ​2 ​Accepting Applications
Cytopathology Ann D. Thor, MD 0 ​1 ​Accepting Applications
- Contact Program Coordinator
Dermatopathology Joshua Wisell, MD​
​0 ​0 ​Not Currently Accepting Applications
Forensic Pathology Meredith A. Frank, MD​ ​0 0 Accepting Applications for 2022-2023
- Contact Program Director
Hematopathology Xiayuan Liang, MD ​0 1 Accepting Applications - Contact Program Director
Surgical Pathology​ Joshua Wisell, MD​
​0 ​1

​Accepting Applications

- Contact Program Director

Pediatric Pathology Jennifer O. Black, MD​ 0 0 Accepting Applications - Contact Program Director​
Molecular Genetic Pathology Mark D. Ewalt, MD​ ​0 ​1 ​Accepting Applications -Contact Program Director
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Current Fellows


​Andrea Ho, MD
Blood Banking/Transfusion   Medicine

Susan Kuldanek, MD
Blood Banking/Transfusion  ​  ​Medicine

Shauna Kumar, MD
Forensic Pathology

Tian Wei Li, MD

Julene Moore, MD​

Kelly Mrachek, MD
Pediatric Pathology​