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Andrew Rohrer, DO



 – BS, US Air Force Academy (2002)

 – MPH, Des Moines University (2006)​​

 – DO, Des Moines University (2006)

 – PGY1, General Surgery, Mayo Clinic (2006-2007)

 – Flight Surgeon, US Air Force (2007-2009)


Research Interests:​



Squamous Dysplasia/Intraepithelial Neoplasia

Pediatric Soft Tissue Neoplasms


Selected Publications:






McAvin JC, Rohrer AJ, Porterfield JR Jr, Grinberg GG, Mathis KL, Farley DR. Acute epigastric pain with an obscure origin. Contemp Surg 2008 July; 64(7):321-4.

McConathy MA, Rohrer AJ, Huff WB, Barnes WJ, Lohman KL. A real-time fluorescence polymerase chain reaction assay for the identification of Yersinia pestis using a field-deployable thermocycler. Military Medicine, 2003 Oct. 168(10) 852-855.





(303) 266-3407