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You have reached the Web site for the Department of Pathology at the University of Colorado Denver.

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Current Residents and Fellows



First Year

Jamie E. Kallan, MD

Kaleigh E. Lindholm, MD

David C. Marbury, MD

Nerissa A. Moore, MD

Lindsey M. Westbrook MD


Second Year

John J. Evans, MD​

Patrick R. Mann, MD​

Luke J. Plumier, MD​

Megan E. Quinn, MD​

Abby M. Richmond, MD

Chad M. Vanderbilt, MD

David P. Wang, MD


Third Year

Kate Matney, MD​

Bryce Noll, MD​

Damon Olson, MD​

Jared Shows, MD​

Brad Siegele, MD, JD

Lian Zhang, MB, MSc, PhD


Fourth Year

Amber Berning, MD

Seth Lummus, DO (Chief Resident)

Valerica Mateescu, MD

Kimi Verilhac, MD (Chief Resident)

Kristen Zhelnin​, MD


2014 Graduates

Willis Barrow, MD

Rose Montoya, MD

Mary O'Keefe, MD

Mathew Rumery, MD

Heather Signorelli, DO




Blood Banking/Transfusion Med Fellowship

Joel N. Kniep, MD​ (2013-2014)

Christine Wheeler, MD, PharmD​ (2013-2014)


Cytopathology Fellowship

Jennifer L. Olivella, DO​​ (2013-2014)


Dermatopathology Fellowship

James B. MacDonald, MD​ (2013-2014)

Katherine S. Messner, DO (2013-2014)


Hematology Pathology Fellowship

Michelle L. McCaw, DO (2013-2014)


Surgical Pathology Fellowship

Sanjana Mehrotra, MD (2013-2014)









Director, Residency Training Program
Robert L. Low, MD, PhD