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Melkon DomBourian, MD



 – BS, Colorado State University

 – NIH Research Fellowship

 – MD, University of Wisconsin


Research Interests:​


Various transfusion medicine and clinical chemistry related topics.


Selected Publications:







DomBourian MG, Holland LL. Optimal Use of Fresh Frozen Plasma. Journal of Infusion Nursing. 2012 Jan-Feb;35(1):28-32.

Holland LL, DomBourian MG. Evaluation of an Abbreviated Centrifugation Protocol for Chemistry Testing. Lab Medicine. 2012 43:78-81

DomBourian MG, Turner NA, Gerovac TA, Vemuganti R, et al. B1 and TRPV-1 Receptor Genes and Their Relationship to Hyperalgesia Following Spinal Cord Injury. Spine. 2006 Nov 15;31(24):2778-82.





(303) 266-3405