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Sanjana Mehrotra, MD

Assistant Professor


  • MBBS; Topiwala National Medical College, Mumbai, India (2001)

Postdoctoral Education:

  • AP/CP Residency; Baystate Regional Medical Center/Tufts University, Springfield, MA (2011)
  • Transfusion Medicine Fellowship, University of Colorado Denver (2012)
  • Cytology Fellowship, University of Colorado Denver (2013)


  • Surgical Pathology Fellowship​​
​Research Interests:​

  • Research Fellow, Indiana University Purdue University, Indianapolis, IN, (2003–2005)
  • NIH granted project: Retrospective analysis by immunohistochemistry of various cyclooxygenase and prostaglandin receptors in breast cancer; VEGF, CD31 study; Optimization of NF-kappa B immunohistochemical stain in mice tissue with injected cell lines.​​

 Selected Publications:

  • ​Thorat MA, Morimiya A, Mehtrotra S, Konger A, Badve S. Prostanoid EP1 receptor in breast cancer. Modern Pathology. 2008 January; 21(1): 15-21.
  • Thorat MA, Morimiya A, Mehrotra S, Badve S. COX-2 expression does not correlate with microvessel density in breast cancer. Pathobiology. 2009; 76(1): 39-44.
  • Blanchet GV, Allen HF, Mehrotra SP, Richardson MW. The tumor lysis syndrome in a child with multicentric Castleman disease. Journal of Pediatric Hematologic Oncology. 2010 April; 32(3): 247-9.​​​​​​​