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Regie Santos-Cortez, MD, PhD

Associate Professor

Regie Santos-Cortez is an Associate Professor performing basic research in the Department of Otolaryngology. Her R01-funded project aims to identify novel genes and variants that are involved in susceptibility to otitis media and changes in the middle ear microbiome. This project has a collection of DNA samples and sequence data including exomes from >1,000 families and patients from the US, Philippines and Finland, as well as middle ear tissues and swabs and data from multiple head and neck sites for microbiome studies. Recently the lab has collected DNA, RNA and microbial samples from collaborating otologists and pediatric otolaryngologists within the Department and submitted samples for sequencing and analyses. These multi-omic studies allow for data integration that leads to a deeper understanding of otitis media pathophysiology, and hopefully in the future this knowledge may lead to improved management of otitis media. The collaborative network supporting this project involves investigators from multiple US and international institutions who not only provide clinical data and samples for study but also contribute clinical, genetic and statistical expertise to the project.​


Past and Present Lab Members:

Tori Bootpetch Roberts, Professional Research Assistant, Dec. 2016-present 

Matthew Steritz, PRA, Dec. 2016-July 2018, currently at Burrell College of Osteopathic Medicine

Susannah Roberts, Summer Intern, 2017

Jonathan Xu, Summer Intern, 2017

Brett Wiesen, Summer Medical Student, 2018

Erin Baschal, Instructor, Nov. 2018-present

Baylor College of Medicine – Suzanne Leal

Infectious Diseases Division, Department of Medicine, University of Colorado – Daniel Frank

University of California San Diego – Allen Ryan

University of Helsinki – Lena Hafren

University of Maryland – Zubair Ahmed

University of Minnesota – Kathleen Daly

University of North Carolina – Karen Mohlke

University of San Carlos – Nanette Lee

University of Texas Medical Branch – Tasnee Chonmaitree

University of the Philippines Manila – Charlotte Chiong

University of Virginia – Michele Sale/Ani Manichaikul

University of Washington – Debbie Nickerson/Michael Bamshad​

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