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Marie Jetté, PhD, CCC-SLP

Assistant Professor

Voice and Upper Airway Disorders Lab 

Marie Jetté, PhD, CCC-SLP​ 

Summary of the Lab’s Work​

The larynx is a special organ that functions as both a valve to protect the airway and as a biomechanical vibrator to produce voice. Prolonged irritation of the laryngeal mucosa leads to inflammation and difficulties with vital laryngeal functions including voice, swallow, and respiration. My broad research interest is identifying the pathophysiology of laryngeal inflammation in patients with voice disorders, upper airway dyspnea, and chronic cough. 

Structure and Function of Chemical Receptors in the Laryngeal Epithelium​ 

One area of research focus is characterizing chemical receptors in the laryngeal epithelium including solitary chemosensory cells, taste buds, and polymodal nociceptive nerve fibers. We are specifically interested in how stimulation of chemical receptors may result in local inflammation via a neurogenic pathway. This research is a collaboration with Dr. Thomas Finger in Cell and Developmental Biology, Dr. Sue Kinnamon in Otolaryngology, and Drs. Matthew Clary and Jeremy Prager, otolaryngologists in our department.

Clinical Research

Our clinical research in Laryngology spans a broad range of topics related to patient outcomes and evaluation of new diagnostic technologies. Clinical research collaborators include Drs. Matthew Clary and Daniel Fink of Otolaryngology and Dr. Rena Yadlapati of Gastroenterology and Hepatology. ​​