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Endoscopic Endonasal Orbital Surgery

New, Minimally-invasive Surgical Approach


Vijay Ramakrishnan, MD

Endoscopic endonasal orbital surgery offers a new, minimally-invasive approach to the orbit. The orbit is the bony cavity that house the globe (eyeball), the muscles that move the globe, fat around the globe, and vessels and nerves that supply the region. Using telescopes and small instruments, we are able to access certain parts of the orbit through the nose.

This approach takes advantage of the shared boundary between the orbit and the sinuses. The parts of the orbit closer to the sinuses (medial orbit) are more accessible through this route, but other areas may be less accessible.

Not all eye or orbital problems are amenable to endoscopic endonasal surgery. Patients are recommended to discuss such possibilities with their local surgeons, or schedule a consultation with the University of Colorado Sinus Center physicians to determine if they are good candidates.