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Miller Scoliosis Lab

For scientific inquiries, potential collaboration, and more information about the Miller Scoliosis Lab:

Liz Terhune, M.S.

Lab Manager

Lab: 303-724-0046

Lab Mailing Address:

12800 E 19th Ave, MS 8343

RC1 North, Rm 2401D 

Aurora, CO 80045

Scoliosis Genetics Study

For participant questions about the scoliosis genetics study:

Anna Monley

Study Coordinator

Office: 720-777-4626

Study Mailing Address:

Liz Terhune

University of Colorado Anschutz Medical Campus

12800 E. 19th Ave, MS 8343

RC1 North, Rm 2401D

Aurora, CO 80045


For clinical inquiries:

Nancy Hadley Miller, M.D., M.Sc.

Principal Investigator

Brianna Windholz, Administrative assistant: 720-777-4033