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Advancement and innovation

Each CU Orthopedics faculty member practices in a specialty field in orthopedic surgery including hand surgery, hip surgery, sports medicine, and more. These full-time academic surgeons—with the help of orthopedic residents—explore and search for ways to improve the prevention, diagnosis, and treatment of orthopedic injury, disease, and deformity.

Research projects comprise:

  • Basic science projects, where research is conducted in a laboratory
  • Medical records documentation, where we look for scientific evidence in past treatment modalities
  • Clinical trials, where actual patients participate in different treatment options

For this last type of research, the study can only be performed with full consent from patients. The Faculty of Medicine has a Review Board that oversees each research project involving patients. Any such proposed project must comply with national ethical standards and, it must be justifiable and scientifically sound. Patient participation is optional and patient confidentiality is strictly enforced.​

Students: Learn about our research opportunities by filling out this form to tell us what you're interested in.