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Orthopedic Surgery Interest Group

Bailey Johnson

OSIG Executive Board Member, Class of 2017

Bailey Johnson is a Colorado native with a bachelor’s degree in psychology with a minor degree in Spanish from Colorado State University. While an undergraduate, she performed research in the Cognitive Aging and Memory Lab at CSU and in 2009 completed a summer internship in the neuropsychology department at Beaumont Hospital in Dublin, Ireland. Her high school and college rugby career gave rise to her interest in orthopedics after experiencing the benefits of a successful ACL surgery. Bailey volunteered with a Young Life Organization, was a bilingual tutor at an after school program for low income families, and worked as a language and cultural assistant teaching English in Castilla y León, Spain. She is excited to be back in Colorado and has received a research fellowship to create a project within the field of orthopedics.

Alec Sundet

OSIG Executive Board Member, Class of 2017

Alec Sundet graduated from the University of Montana in 2013 with a BS in biochemistry. As an undergraduate, Alec's research interests combined predictive bioinformatics with biochemical data to study Rift Valley fever virus. He moved to Denver in the fall of 2013 to join the University of Colorado School of Medicine class of 2017. Outside of school, Alec enjoys long-distance running, rock and ice climbing, and traveling.

Nichole Shaw

OSIG Executive Board Member, Class of 2017

Nichole Shaw completed her undergraduate degree in biomedical engineering at Cal Poly in San Luis Obispo, California. After a brief stint as a medical device engineer, she realized she would rather apply her knowledge of biomechanics to the human body. She was a competitive gymnast growing up and an avid skier and snowboarder, leaving her quite familiar with orthopedic surgeons from a patient standpoint. She volunteers with Project CURE sending medical supplies to developing countries around the world, and was a TA for Anatomy for the PA and PT students this past summer. She is currently involved in research with the Regenerative Orthopedics Laboratory here at CU. Her research interests include applications of human mesenchymal stem cells and treatment options for children with growth plate injuries.

Brett Normandin

OSIG Executive Board Member, Class of 2018

Brett Normandin grew up cross-country skiing, mountain biking, backpacking, and climbing in the backcountry of Alaska. His active lifestyle helped to develop his interest in orthopedics. After graduating from the University of Alaska in 2012, with a BS in Biology he worked as an apheresis technician, removing stem cells from orthopedic patients that were later used to supplement their micro-fracture surgery. Since moving to Colorado, he has pursued his interest in orthopedics by shadowing in the OR and clinic. He is currently doing research in transphyseal screw failure in adolescent patients.

​Erin Wylie

OSIG Executive Board Member, Class of 2018

Erin Wylie is a Denver, Colorado native and graduated from the University of Colorado Boulder where she majored in neuroscience and psychology. She worked as a high school science teacher in Chicago for a few years, before attending medical school. She currently works with low-income preschool age children in an afterschool reading program. Her exposure to orthopedics has been through shadowing physicians in the OR and clinic, as well as participating in research with the Musculoskeletal Tumor Program at Children’s Hospital Colorado. She has also worked with the National Sports Center for the Disabled (NSCD) winter program as a ski instructor and mentor to children with musculoskeletal disabilities. Erin is part of the Global Health Track, and recently spent time working in emergency medicine clinics in South Africa.

Jason Koerner

OSIG Executive Board Member, Class of 2018

Jason Koerner is a Colorado native with a bachelor’s degree in biology and human health sciences from Hawaii Pacific University. Jason’s passion for orthopedics stems from a childhood orthopedic ski injury that left him wheelchair bound for 4 months. His passion continues to grow through shadowing in clinic and OR in spinal, hip, and trauma surgery. He is currently involved in research on the benefits of neuromonitoring to reduce complications during periacetabular osteotomy at Children’s hospital. During his free time he enjoys skiing, golf, mountain biking, and playing the violin.

​Madison Lyon

OSIG Executive Board Member, Class of 2019

Madison Lyon grew up in San Diego, California and completed her undergraduate degree at UCLA with a major in psychobiology and minor in global studies. She surfed competitively throughout high school and college but, since moving to Denver, has traded in her surfboard for skis. During her year off before medical school, Madison worked with an orthopedic surgeon, which sparked her interest in the field. Madison loves to travel, cook, play soccer, hike, and spend time with family and friends.

Judas Kelley

OSIG Executive Board Member, Class of 2019

Judas Kelley is a Colorado native who graduated from the University of Colorado at Denver where he majored in Communication and minored in Sociology. He grew up swimming, doing martial arts, and wrestling. He served as a Cadet Leader through the Denver Public Safety Cadet Program. During his time as a cadet he worked alongside Denver Police Officers and Firefighters attending monthly ride alongs. He first found his passion for helping those in their time of need while working with the fire department. As a cadet he developed his love for fitness and the musculoskeletal system. After graduating the program he earned his EMT certification and went back to CU Denver to complete the coursework necessary for applying to medical school. Since attending medical school he has found a love for anatomy and has enjoyed all of his orthopedic opportunities in the OR. His research interest is focused on foot and ankle biomechanics. When he is not studying medicine he spends time with his wife and son.

​Zach Wuthrich

OSIG Executive Board Member, Class of 2019

Zachary (Zack) Wuthrich grew up rebuilding cars and motorcycles with his father, fostering a love for mechanical workings and hands-on skills like machining and welding. This led to a BS in Mechanical Engineering from the University of Idaho in 2012, followed by the realization that most modern engineers do not enjoy much hands-on work. In an effort to spend his career outside of a cubicle, Zack decided to pursue Orthopedic Surgery. He then completed a BS in Biochemistry from the University of Idaho in 2015 while volunteering as an EMT and realizing his love for patient interactions. Now in medical school, Zack is excited to share his passion for the analytical and engineering aspects of orthopedics with all of his peers. Current research interests include finite element modeling of the human pelvis with the goal of optimizing fusion of the sacroiliac joint.