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CU Women's Sports Medicine

Comprehensive Care for the Active Woman

The Rocky Mountain region is known for its active female population and CU Sports Medicine is proud to offer the only program in the Rocky Mountain Region that offers comprehensive care for the active woman.

We are a group of highly trained and enthusiastic professionals with a common interest in the research, education, and clinical care regarding women’s health issues. Our staff consists of experts in the fields of orthopedic surgery, physical medicine and rehabilitation, nutrition, psychology, metabolic bone disease, physical therapy, and primary care medicine who are committed to improving, maintaining, and restoring activity and athletic ability to women.

Study confirms female athletes more prone to knee injures

Many women and their children are following the recommended guidelines to "be active." However, along with exercise women should consider adding preventive measures to reduce the risk of injury. All too often we hear about a forty-year-old women who injured her knee while skiing or someone's daughter who tore her knee playing soccer. Research shows that many of these injuries are preventable with the proper neuromuscular training. Yet, most youth coaches and weekday/weekend warriors do not take the time to practice evidence based and accepted injury prevention routines.

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