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Behavioral Health & Psychological Services

CU Women's Sports Medicine

  • Treatment of mood disturbance as a result of the injury

  • Counselling for grief, loss, anger, irritability, impatience, resentment, and other emotions associated with injury

  • Providing assistance to cope with chronic pain

  • Help with confidence related issues due to being unable to train

  • Assessment and treatment of disordered eating

  • Assistance with healthy weight loss and maintenance

  • Improving communication between the patient, coach and health care provider to facilitate the recovery process

  • Teach the patient how to achieve a healing mode and how that can potentially increase the efficacy of the physical treatment interventions

  • Involve the family and support system when indicated to educate them about the rehabilitation process and how to play a therapeutic role

  • Assess and treat overtraining, overreaching and under recovery

  • Provide evaluation and treatment services for substance use disorders (i.e. alcohol, opioid, anxiolytic, cannabis abuse and/or dependence)

  • Teach stress management skills to help cope with the change in level of functioning

  • Teach performance enhancement skills that can assist the patient to improve the psychological aspects of performance and/or living skills