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Orthopedic Spine Surgery

Comprehensive spine care

The Adult Spine Division of CU Orthopedics is a part of the Spine Center at the University of Colorado Hospital, which provides comprehensive spine care to the citizens of the Rocky Mountain Region including neurosurgery and orthopedic spine surgery, physical and rehabilitation medicine, and alternative medicine therapies.

The CU Orthopedic Spine Division provides state-of-the-art surgical intervention from fellowship-trained orthopedic​ spine surgeons. Our surgeons are thoroughly trained and experienced in treatment of the cervical, thoracic, lumbar, and sacral spine.

Treatment of spine-related pain typically involves conservative measures such as rest, physical therapy, medications, therapeutic injections, and alternative therapies; however, when these fail, surgery may be indicated.

The University of Colorado is a tertiary care center that specializes in spine from the basic disc herniation to disc replacement, and motion preservation to complex spine care, including treatment of patients who have had unsuccessful treatment elsewhere. 

We also see patients who have been told that their condition is too complex for surgical treatment or who have had previous failed surgery, and will provide surgical opinions. We see patients from across the nation, with easy access to our facility from Denver International Airport, as well as direct regional access from Colorado, New Mexico, Wyoming, Nebraska, and Kansas.


We also have a pediatric spine program at Children's Hospital Colorado, which specializes in spinal disease, injury, trauma, or neuromuscular disorder. Learn more »