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Spine Faculty

CU Orthopedics

All our physicians are board certified in one or more specialties, many having multiple board certifications. Our certified physicians specialize in physical medicine and rehabilitation, orthopedics, neurosurgery, electromyography, pain, sports, among others. Click on a name below to learn more.

 Results From Our Team : Selected site
NamePhotoJob TitleDivision
Amy Bond, NP, RN InstructorSpine
Amanda Ramirez, ANPC InstructorSpine
Chad Schantz, ANPC InstructorSpine
Samuel Smith, MD Assistant ProfessorSpine
Nolan Wessell, MD Assistant ProfessorSpine
Vikas Patel, MDChief of Orthopedic Spine SurgerySpine
Evalina Burger, MDProfessor & Vice Chair AdultSpine
Christopher Cain, MDAssociate ProfessorSpine
CJ Kleck, MDAssistant ProfessorSpine
Robert Cooley, PA, MSPhysician AssistantSpine
David Ou-Yang, MDAssistant ProfessorSpine
Susan Estes, NPNurse PractitionerSpine
Jill Fattor, MS, PA-CPhysician AssistantSpine
Emily M Lindley, PhDEmily Lindley, PhDAssistant ProfessorSpine