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Department of Orthopedics

Department of Orthopedics

Pediatric Orthopedics Faculty

CU Orthopedics

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NamePhotoJob TitleDivisionSpecialty
Mark Erickson, MDProfessor & ChairPediatric OrthopedicsSpine
Jay Albright, MDAssociate ProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsSports Medicine
Frank Chang, MDProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsCerebral Palsy, Gait Abnormalities and Movement Disorders, Neuromuscular Diseases
Katherine Dahab, MDAssistant ProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsSports Medicine
Nathan Donaldson, DOAssistant ProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsOncology
Robert Eilert, MDEmeritus Professor of PediatricsPediatric OrthopedicsHip Injuries and Disorders
Sumeet Garg, MDAssistant ProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsSpine, Trauma/Fractures
Gaia Georgopoulos, MDAssociate ProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsSpine
Travis Heare, MDAssociate ProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsOncology
Nancy MillerProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsIdiopathic Scoliosis Research
Siobhan Murphy-Zane, MDAssistant ProfessorPediatric Orthopedics 
Kyle Nagle, MD, MPHAssistant ProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsSports Medicine
Eduardo Novais, MDAssistant ProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsHip Preservation
Aaron Provance, MDAssistant ProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsSports Medicine
Jason Rhodes, MDAssistant ProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsCerebral Palsy, Movement Disorders, Neuromuscular Diseases, Sport Medicine
Brian Shaw, MDAssociate ProfessorPediatric Orthopedics 
Julie Wilson, MDAssistant ProfessorPediatric OrthopedicsSports Medicine
Ryan Ballard, MHS, PAPhysician AssistantPediatric OrthopedicsSpine Deformities
Matt Bershinsky, PA MPAS Physician AssistantPediatric Orthopedics 
Molly Buerk, PA-C, MMedSciPhysician AssistantPediatric OrthopedicsSpine, Fractures
Debbie Burke, PA-C, MSDebbie Burke, PA-C, MSPhysician AssistantPediatric Orthopedics 
Shelley Dell'Orfano, ND, MSNurse PractitionerPediatric OrthopedicsOncology, Trauma
Sue Graham, PA-C, MPASPhysician AssistantPediatric Orthopedics 
Dennis Gurule, PA-CPhysician AssistantPediatric OrthopedicsFractures
Robert Hamblin, PA Physician AssistantPediatric Orthopedics 
Brian Kohuth, PAPhysician AssistantPediatric OrthopedicsFractures
Allana Lenz, PA-CPhysician AssistantPediatric OrthopedicsCerebral Palsy, Gait Abnormalities and Movement Disorders, Neuromuscular Diseases
Nicole McBride, PA-C, MPASPhysician AssistantPediatric OrthopedicsMovement Disorders, Neuromuscular Diseases
Ryan Mooney, MS, PA-CPhysician AssistantPediatric OrthopedicsFractures, Oncology, Amputee Care
Brian Perry, CPNP Nurse PractitionerPediatric OrthopedicsTrauma, Fracture
Robin Sawarynski, CPNPPhysician AssistantPediatric OrthopedicsHip Preservation
Kathryn Smith, PA-CPhysician AssistantPediatric OrthopedicsSports Medicine
Chelsea Soucie, CPNPChelsea SouciePediatric Nurse PractitionerPediatric OrthopedicsTrauma
Kristen Tulk, MS PA-CNurse PractitionerPediatric OrthopedicsCerebral Palsy, Gait Abnormalities and Movement Disorders, Neuromuscular Diseases