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Department of Orthopedics

Department of Orthopedics

Clinics and Services

Pediatric Orthopedic Resources

Cerebral Palsy Clinic
Staffed by orthopedic surgeons, physiatrists, and nurses, this clinic provides children with cerebral palsy, ages birth to 21 years, with ongoing management and evaluation of concerns related to comfort, seating tone management, and activities of daily living, recommendations and implementation regarding surgery and medical management.

Fracture Clinic
This clinic provides fracture care for children, ages 0 to 21 years. Services are provided by a team of physician’s assistants and residents. The goal of the fracture clinic is to provide fracture care within an hour of presenting to TCH. Follow up fracture care is performed in our regular outpatient clinic.

Spinal Defects Clinic
This clinic provides children with myelomeningocele and other spinal cord injuries and deformities an opportunity for ongoing management and rehabilitation intervention that may facilitate growth and development and enhance maximum functional independence. This clinic is staffed by specialists in orthopedics, physiatry, nursing, urology, neurosurgery, social work, pediatric psychology, genetics, physical therapy, and nutrition.

Hip Preservation Clinic
Hip preservation is an emerging orthopedic field and CU Orthopedics provides this cutting edge care to our patients. The hip preservation clinic is a combined service between our joint surgeons and our pediatric orthopedists with one goal: Provide alternative solutions to joint replacement for people under 30. The hip preservation clinic provides our younger patients the latest in surgical techniques to preserve their hip.

Gait Lab
The Center for Gait and Movement Analysis (CGMA) combines state-of-the-art computer and video technology with a highly trained multi-disciplinary team to provide comprehensive gait and movement analysis for patients with neuromuscular disorders. The Center for Gait and Movement Analysis, located at The Children’s Hospital, is available to University of Colorado Hospital patients.

Sports Medicine for Young Athletes Program
The Sports Medicine for Young Athletes Program provides comprehensive assessment, treatment and care for children and adolescents with injuries and conditions affecting sports participation. This is the premier place in the Rocky Mountain region for young athletes to access a full spectrum of care.

Dedicated to helping young athletes be t​he best they can be the program offers sports injury care and rehabilitation, assessments for improved sports performance, sports injury prevention education, medical coverage for youth athletic events in the Denver metropolitan area and community education for parents, athletic directors, coaches and athletic trainers