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Limb Restoration Program

There are many conditions and problems that can put your limbs at risk—infections, tumors, severe traumatic damage, and more. We offer unique treatment options to help you avoid amputation and maintain your quality of life.

The Limb Restoration Program unites doctors from multiple specialties in the care and preservation of your arm or leg. We meet every week to review and consult on all cases, ensuring collaboration and the best treatment plan for each individual. Our team works together, utilizes unique treatment options, and is dedicated to restoring your patient's limb and returning them to function. 

To facilitate timely response and coordination of your patient's care, we have a full-time Limb Restoration Care Concierge on staff that answers your call, arranges for consultations, and schedules your patient's appoints, evaluations, and follow-up. Our Care Concierge is a Nurse Practitioner specifically trained in multidisciplinary care of these patients.

The Program covers a few areas: