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Brain Tumor Immunology

Picture of laboratory personnel in Waziri lab

​Although surgical removal of brain tumors can often provide therapeutic benefit, tumor recurrence and progression are unfortunately common in affected patients. Treatment of malignant brain tumors remains one of the most significant challenges of modern medicine, and new therapeutic options are desperately needed. To this end, our lab is specifically focused on the development of a therapeutic technique known as immunotherapy. Strategies using the immune system to target tumors have been explored for many different types of cancer over many years, but these strategies have been generally unsuccessful for patients with brain tumors. Our lab and others have demonstrated that this immune failure is likely due to tumor-mediated suppression of the immune system. We are therefore dedicated to exploring the specific means by which brain tumors can block the immune response. Through targeting of these factors, we hope to improve upon current immune-mediated treatment strategies and to develop new options for malignant brain tumor therapy by restoring the function of anti-tumor immunity in affected patients.


Cell migration of GFP labeled tumor cells in a human glioblastoma slice culture.