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Judith Gault, Ph.D.

Associate Professor

Photo of Dr. Judith Gault

Contact Information

Address:  12801 E. 19th Ave.,  Aurora, CO 80045

Phone:   303-724-4132


Research Interests:  Human genetics, schizophrenia, stroke, cavernous malformations


 Dr. Gault has an interest in treating symptoms of schizophrenia with deep brain stimulation. She is characterizing circuitry involved in sensory procession of an auditory evoked potential, P50, that may be aberrant in patients with schizophrenia.  

Undergraduate:     B.S. in Cell and Molecular Genetics, June 1990
                              San Francisco State University

Graduate School:   Ph.D.  Molecular/Medical Genetics, May 1995
                              Oregon Health Sciences University

Post-Doctoral:        Developmental Psychobiology/Schizophrenic Genetics, Sept 2001
                              University of Colorado Health Sciences Center

Dr. Gault has15 publications, please see Dr. Gault's attached Curriculum Vitae for a complete listing of publications.