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Department of Neurosurgery Grand Rounds and Conferences


8:00am: Brain Tumor Conference

9:30-10:30am:   1st & 2nd Tuesday - Neurovacular, Neuropathology, Research,

                                                       Neuroanatomy or Resident Conference

                          3rd Tuesday - Pediatric M&M Conference

                          4th Tuesday - UCH, VA M&M Conference

                          5th Tuesday - Resident Journal Club

10:30-11:30am: 1st Tuesday - Grand Rounds Lecture

                           2nd Tuesday - Grand Rounds Lecture

                           3rd Tuesday - DHMC M&M Conference

                           4th Tuesday - Pediatric Lecture

                           5th Tuesday - Resident Journal Club

11:30-12:30pm: Resident Core Curriculum and Board Review Conferences

12:00pm: 2nd Tuesday - Research/Neuro-Oncology Conference

1:00pm: 2nd Tuesday Pituitary Conference

3:30pm: Every Tuesday - DBS Conference


12:30pm - 4th Wednesday - Epilepsy Conference


12:00pm - 2nd Thursday - Ethics Grand Rounds