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The Department of Neurosurgery at the University of Colorado, continues the tradition of excellence outlined in our Mission Statement.

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University of Colorado Neurosurgery Residents 2014-2015



Carr, Steven 01 (2x3).jpg

PGY - 6


Kumar, Ramesh 01 (2x3).jpg              Robinson, Leslie 03 (2x3).jpg                 ​Randhawa, Pal 05 (2x3).jpg
  Ramesh Kumar MD                   Leslie Robinson, MD, PharmD          Pal Randhawa, M.D.  



PGY - 5

Craig, Dan 03 (2x3).jpg                     
  Daniel Craig, MD                 


PGY - 4


Folzenlogen, Zach 04 (2x3).jpg                Kunigelis, Kate 03 (2x3).jpg              Yang, Alex 01 (2x3).jpg
   Zach Folzenlogen, MD                 Katherine Kunigelis, MD               Alexander Yang, MD, PhD


PGY - 3

 Hosein, Jeremy 03 (2x3).jpg               Whelan, Ros 02 (2x3).jpg
   Jeremy Hosein, MD                         Ros Whelan, MD​


PGY - 2


Mann, David 07.jpg                Walch, Frank 08.jpg
    David Mann, MD​                              Frank Walch, MD​



PGY - 1


Sethi.png  Ung.png       
     Akal Sethi, MD                   Timothy Ung, MD