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Department of Microbiology, A Leader in Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Research and Training.

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Professional Resources for Graduate Students

Academic, administrative and other resources



Documents and information on classes you are currently enrolled in


Office of Student Assistance 

Office of Student Assistance

The people to talk to if you have questions about life as a student


Payroll and Benefits 

Payroll & Benefits

The people who write the checks


Office of Student Health and Insurance 

Office of Student Insurance

The people to talk to about insurance claims and paperwork

Student Senate 

Student Senate

The official student presence in the graduate school's administrative body

Graduate Student Council 

Graduate Student Council

The people who represent student interests at Student Senate meetings

Monitor pay status, retrieve tax documents and find online training for helath and safety



UCD Access

Register for classes




Office of the Registrar, Course Listings

Look up course numbers




A quick and easy way to set up meetings for Comp's, committee meetings, etc.



UC Denver Writing Center

Kadner Institute

Pre-Doctoral and Doctoral Grants