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Department of Microbiology, A Leader in Microbiology and Microbial Pathogenesis Research and Training.

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Microbiology Graduate Faculty

The faculty included in this list are the members of the Graduate Program in Microbiology. Any of the individuals listed may serve as laboratory rotation mentors and thesis advisors for Microbiology Graduate Program students.


David J. Barton, Ph.D. - Molecular mechanisms of picornavirus replication


Thomas Campbell, M.D. - Human Herpesvirus 8 and Kaposi's sarcoma; reservoirs of latent HIV-1; and HIV-1 reverse transcriptase as an RNA chaperone


Richard Davis, Ph.D. - Spliced leader RNA trans-splicing


Sonia Flores, Ph.D. - HIV viral protein-pulmonary endothelial cell interactions and viral disease pathogenesis


Donald H. Gilden, M.D. - Varicella zoster virus latency in the human nervous system; human immune response in multiple sclerosis


Ronald E. Gill, Ph.D. - Regulation of gene expression by intercellular interactions during the development of Myxococcus xanthus


Kathryn V. Holmes, Ph.D. - Molecular biology and pathogenesis of coronavirus infections; coronavirus-receptor interactions


Randall K. Holmes, M.D., Ph.D. - Structure-function relationships of bacterial toxins


Dirk Homann, M.D. - Persistent viral disease, immunological memory, autoimmunity


Edward N. Janoff, M.D. - Mucosal immunity; HIV transmission and vaccine; pneumococcal infections and vaccine; B cell regulation


Jeffrey Kieft, Ph.D. - Viral RNAs; Internal Ribosome Entry Sites (IRESes) & tRNA-like structures


Caroline A. Kulesza, Ph.D. - Molecular mechanisms of viral persistence and pathogenesis associated with cytomegalovirus infection; functional analysis of viral noncoding RNAs


Laurel Lenz, Ph.D. - Bacterial pathogenesis and regulation of inflammation and immunity


Thomas E. Morrison, Ph.D. - Molecular pathogenesis of arbovirus infection and regulation of virus-induced inflammatory responses


Dohun Pyeon, Ph.D. - Virus-host interactions in human papillomavirus infection and oncogenesis


Mario Santiago, Ph.D. - Host genetic control of pathogenic retrovirus infections


Jerome Schaack, Ph.D. - Adenovirus gene therapy vectors


Michael J. Schurr, Ph.D. - Bacterial pathogenesis and regulation of virulence factors


Kenneth L. Tyler, M.D. - Molecular and genetic basis of virus-induced cell death (apoptosis) and pathogenesis using the reovirus model


Linda van Dyk, Ph.D. - Pathogenesis of the gamma- herpesvirus; viral and host mechanisms that regulate latency and reactivation


Michael L. Vasil, Ph.D. - Mechanisms of bacterial pathogenesis with emphasis on genetic regulation and biochemistry of virulence factors


Andrés Vázquez-Torres, DVM Ph.D. - Pathophysiology and immunology of the interaction of macrophages with pathogenic microorganisms


Martin I. Voskuil, Ph.D. - Mechanisms of Mycobacterium tuberculosis for survival during latent disease​