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Immunology and Microbiology

Microbiology Graduate Student Resources

Being a graduate student is a full-time, multi-faceted adventure: you need to be a researcher, a student, a writer, an events coordinator and all the while balancing the responsibilities of responsibilities and obligations of everyday life. These links on the left should hopefully help with some of that.

For Reference, the following schedules are in place for the 2011-2012 Academic Year (dates/assignments subject to change):

Infectious Diseases Journal Club (IDJC):

held in the Microbiology Library (RC1-N Rm 9107) alternate Thursdays 4-5pm

​Date ​Presenter
15th September​ ​Toni Schwarz
​29th September ​Kevin Diebel
​13th October ​Zhaohui Qian
​27th October ​Zane Jaafar
10th November ​1st year student
​27th November ​Thanksgiving Holiday (no IDJC)
​1st   December ​1st year student
​15th December
​1st year student
​29th December ​Christmas/New Year Holiday (no IDJC)
​5th   January ​Iona Bartek
​19th January ​Laura Griffin
​2nd  February ​Daphne Cooper
​16th February
​Yuta Okkotsu
​1st   March
​Kristina Stoermer
​15th March
​Sam Li
​29th March ​Kalani Halemano
​12th April ​Matt Reichlen
​26th April ​Elisabeth Bowers
​10th May ​Chad Austin
​24th May ​Matt Crawford
​7th   June ​Chris Abraham

Virology Journal Club (VJC):

Held in the Microbiology Library (RC1-N Rm P18-9107 from Oct-Feb6) & Infectious Diseases Conference Room (RC2 Rm 11110) alternate Mondays 4-5pm

​Date ​Presenters
​3rd  October ​Kristina Stoermer & Kevin Diebel
​17th October ​Henri Jupille & Linda VanDyk
​31st October ​Toni Schwarz & Jerry Schaack
​14th November ​Elisabeth Bowers & Tem Morrison
​5th   December ​Zhaohui Qian & Caroline Kulesza
​9th   January ​Sam Li & Brian Kempf
​23rd January ​Kejun Guo & Randy Cohrs
​6th   February ​Zane Jaafar & Kay Holmes
​20th February ​President's Day Holiday (no VJC)
​26th February ​Laura Griffin & Mario Santiago
​12th March
​Chris Abraham & Amanda Leone
​26th March ​Stephanie James & Dohun Pyeon
​9th   April
​Kalani Halemano & Adela Cota-Gomez
​23rd April ​Jen Honda & Ravi Mahalingam
​7th   May ​Daphne Cooper & Katherine Lee
​21st May
​Michael Harper & Dave Barton

last updated 9/23/2011