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Who can help me?

Which administrator is right for the job?

Need help figuring out who can answer your question?

Here is a list of the department's administrators and what they each do. 

Department Administration
Sandy Duran
​Administrative Support for Department Chair
Cambier Lab Grant management
Faculty Recruitment
Faculty Appointments (with Brooke Petro)
Dept. Grant Application approvals by Dept. Chair
​Andrea Edwards​

​Grant Post-Award Finance monitoring
ePERs (electronic Personal Effort Reports)
Colorado Immunology Conference
Procurement/PCard  back-up

Mike Elmore
​LAN Administrator/IT coordinator
Department Data Servers
Computer/Printer installations
IT troubleshooting/repairs (IT Trouble Ticket)
UCD-OIT liaison
Gwen Frederick
​Front Desk/Receiving - Mail, FedEx, Staples orders, Toner orders, Copiers
Travel planning and CU Travel card reimbursement
Student payroll
Event  Planning - Catering, AMC Room Scheduling
Seminars coordination
MPID mini-Symposium planning
Medical Student Course (DD and ID) support
CU Marketplace PO back-up
Department lists maintenance
JC Haller
​Research and Facilities resources coordinator
Equipment - Repairs, Service Contracts, Inventory (Equipment Trouble Ticket)
PCard ordering back-up
Facilities-related issues/Liaison to UCD AMC Facilities
Airgas liaison
Brooke Petro
​Web Site manager
Faculty appointments (with Sandy)
Colorado Immunology Conference
PCard delegate for Concur reallocation report prep
Faculty Appointments and Promotion (FAPP) and BSI committee support
Research in Progress (RIP) planning
Videoconferencing scheduling
NJH Room Scheduling
Christian Scott
​Procurement Manager/CU Marketplace and PCard expert
Grant Post Award - R. Holmes Lab, Vazquez-Torres Lab
UCD SOM NIH Training Grants
Space inventory coordinator
​Tom Shallow
​Director- Finance and Administration
Employee Hiring and Separation
Pre-Award Core
Myra Keeble (Director)
Kristine Jenkins
Dung Pham
​Grant Application Preparation, Approval Routing and Submission
Faculty, Postdocs and Graduate Students
Annual Progress Reports
Graduate Programs
Michele Parsons
Immunology Graduate Program administration
Microbiology Graduate Program administration